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What is remodeez? remodeez is an effective remover of moisture and unpleasant odors for the home, for the road, for vehicles and for all types of footwear. The scent does not mask or obscure as it does e.g. various sprays / fresheners with fragrance, but removes it from its essence. It is harmless, hypoallergenic and odorless.

What is the filling of remodeez products made of? The filler is made of activated (activated) charcoal. Activated carbon is 100% carbon treated with special mechanical and thermal processes that cause the charcoal to become able to (porously) bind its particles in multiples of its weight. Thus, coconut activated carbon absorbs organic compounds and with an area of ​​1 gram absorbs more than 500 square meters. These pores act as a kind of sponge that absorbs causing organic compounds. Activated charcoal also absorbs ethylene gas, which is especially emitted by some fruits (apples, bananas, nectarines, peaches, apricots, tomatoes), so with remodeez fruit stays fresh longer.

How many remodeez products are available? There are different shapes and sizes available that are designed to work in specific areas:

- For car - is of a size suitable for removing odors in cars, trucks, boats… but at the same time large enough to remove odors from larger enclosed areas.

 - For the home - in terms of shape and size, it easily fits into laundries, refrigerators, closets, pet rooms ... and at the same time big enough to remove odors from larger enclosed areas.

- For footwear - with its shape it easily slips into sneakers, shoes and other footwear, with its size it easily removes odors.

- For the road - it is small and compact in shape so it is suitable for sports bags, luggage, handbags and more.

Nevertheless, any product can be used anywhere else where it is necessary to remove unpleasant odors and moisture, as the composition of all is the same - only the sizes and shapes are different. Namely, the products have a wide use - e.g. remodeez for the car is well suited for use in helmets, a product for footwear in any gloves ... The freedom and imagination of use is left to you.

How long is the lifespan of remodeez products? Used properly, the products have a lifespan of up to one year, taking into account that you place the product in the sun for a few hours at least once a month to recharge.

What do we do with the product after it stops working? Since it is a completely natural product, its filler is simply composted or scattered in the garden at the end of its life.

Do you offer free postage? Yes, we offer free postage for the purchase of three of any products or for purchases over € 29.

Where do you send everything? We send remodeez products across Europe, with the DPD courier service.

How fast do I receive the ordered product? We have all remodeez products in stock, so in most cases we send all orders on the same day, which means that the shipment is usually with you the next day (also applies to Croatia), but there may be deviations.

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