remodeez Naraven odstranjevalec neprijetnih vonjav in vlage - remodeez
remodeez za avto avtodom čoln
remodeez for car

remodeez for car

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An effective and environmentally friendly remover of unpleasant odors and moisture for vehicles. Ideal if the inside of your windshield is dewy or if you have moisture in your car!

  • hypoallergenic
  • great for use in cars, motorhomes, trucks, boats…
  • odorless and non-toxic
  • coconut shell activated carbon filler
  • operation up to 1 year

Packing: 1pc

Use: Placeremodeez in car, motorhome, truck, boat, etc. and let him do his job. Then place the product in the sun once a month for a few hours to recharge. At the end of its life, simply compost or sprinkle the filler on the ground.